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29 September – 3 October, 2016 Visions of healing (introductory group)
24 – 28 February, 2017 Emotional and physical healing
1 – 5 June, 2017 Relationship – exchange / sharing and contact
22 – 26 November, 2017 Spirituality and harmony – body, spirit and soul

“If you have not yet found your own self, if you are not yet aware of your own history, your qualities, emotions, boundaries, strengths, talents, vulnerability, possibilities and fears, if you do not trust yourself, if you are in opposition to a part of your own being, if you do not accept yourself the way you are, then you will not be able to heal others, even if you might be able to free them from their illness for some time. But if a part of you changes then your whole being will be transformed.” (Manish)

The “Authentic Healer®” basic training will teach you how to be a healer for yourself, for your family, your friends and your clients and you will explore the basis of all spiritual and healing work – all that brings about healing on all levels. Manish will offer his vision, his techniques and his keys so that you may discover who you really are. You will encounter healing through yourself and broaden your human capacities: you will become more open, more tolerant, more accepting and you will be more in contact with yourself and others.

You will learn to recognize your material and spiritual needs and consciously identify your patterns of behaviour so that you may understand who you really are and discover the dormant healer inside of you. Energetic Breathing® is capable of freeing people from their conditionings, their self-destructive habits, their feeling of isolation, which is to say from their sufferings.

No matter what kind of injury you may have experienced, healing will bring more than salvation to you, it is in fact transformation. To Manish, the wonder of authentic healing means transformation into a new being. You will acquire greater awareness of your physical perceptions, your emotions and thoughts. You will develop your authenticity, your truth and your freedom.