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When a child receives a piece of emotional information it also receives an energetic discharge which may transform itself on a physical level with the help of adrenaline and which creates what I call “emotional cysts”. These suppressed emotions transform themselves inside the body into little bubbles containing information…

Emotional cysts start off as suppressed emotions but they soon turn into something physical. They manifest themselves in your blood, your muscles, your joints and your organs. They are an energy with an information inside of them with regard to your emotional memory. Medical science does not yet acknowledge these microscopic emotional cysts as something that can grow and cause cancer. Only a few maverick physicians recognize this new perspective of how an illness may be created. The future will bring us the truth about all this. (Manish – 1990)

It is more than 30 years ago that I had this vision and I have been using it ever since in my techniques of ideational realization and meditation on the occasion of group and individual sessions as well as my talks and lectures. Today, epigenetic science has recognized and scientifically proved that this vision is true. Several researchers have already received prizes for their work, among them the Nobel Prize. Of course, the words and terms these scientists use are different from mine. What I call emotional cysts they call “methyls” or “methyl groups” or “methylation”.

A psychological shock or chronic stress can cause the chemical phenomenon of methylation which means that the flow of information between certain genes is blocked on the DNA. In other words, methyl molecules will mark certain genes so that they cannot be transmitted on the DNA any more which may cause stress, depression, illness…

Some children may be exposed to stress even before they are born and will consequently have a high level of cortisol in their bodies, making them very sensitive towards stress and emotions. An epigenome is an interface between our genes which are static and our environment which is variable and active. The genetic reference stays the same, but its interpretation varies during the course of our life.

Personal development, meditation, relaxation and emotional expression have a positive effect on the methyl markage of our DNA and facilitate the transformation of our physical and psychological problems. This scientific discovery clearly shows that we can change the state of our health ourselves and that this only depends on our own will and the actions we take. Thus, we have direct influence on our own DNA. This whole process is called self healing, a process of discovering your spirituality and changing your behaviour and not the situation your in. To become aware and assume your personal responsibility is the most beautiful religion there is.