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Sexuality is not what most people think it is. It’s not just sex. Sex is only a small part of sexuality.

We have all been created through sexuality, without sexuality mankind wouldn’t exist. Sexuality means reproduction, survival, the continuation of our species. The fear of sexuality is therefore the fear of life.

Many people are frightened of sexuality in its purely sexual form. But the problem doesn’t just affect the sex, it has repercussions on all areas of our lives (family, relationships, job…). Sexuality means vitality, buoyancy. If there is a fear of sexuality, the vitality can’t express itself in full.

Fear paralyses, it keeps us from expressing ourselves and from giving us the right to be authentic. Our relationships are difficult because there are all these obstacles between ourselves and the others. All the conditionings we experienced in our childhood, above all the conditionings directed against sensuality and sexuality, have repercussions on our behaviour as an adult.

A child that isn’t given enough care, love and recognition will be faced with a disturbed sexuality as an adult. The sexuality of a child is a natural thing, it represents its vitality, its contact with its parents and its family (caressing, kissing, playing, hugging…). If a child’s sexuality is not respected, this trauma will affect the sexuality of the adult person. The adult person will then always be looking for love, attention and recognition, behaving like a little boy or girl.

His or her partner will then not have a complementary role, but a compensatory one. In their relationship they will not be man and woman, but instead they will behave like father and mother and like little boy and little girl. This, of course, will compromise their adult sexuality which will turn incestuous or become non-existent.

For this reason it is important that we become aware of the problems concerning our sexuality. Certain therapeutical methods, particularly the ones working with emotional expression, can show us the way to a more balanced sexuality and to our full vitality so that we can live in greater harmony with ourselves and others.