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One of my clients once told me a dream she often used to have.

“A child is standing on the windowsill inside a house situated on the market square where there are a lot of people. The child is about to jump, but as it is very high it hesitates for a long time. Several people look at the child but don’t do anything and continue with their shopping. Finally the child jumps and is killed as it hits the ground. As the people look at the dead child they start to deplore its death but no-one asks “Why did this child do that?” They forget about the child and continue with their lives.”

This story is the story of our own inner child. If a child has not been sufficiently nourished, if it has not received any care, recognition, love and all the other things that are indispensable for its growth, then it will suffer and may die.

When the child has become an adult it will continue to live, but the inner child is dead, forgotten. Such adults don’t know why they live and act like robots or machines and they never ask themselves “Why is my life like this?” Because they can’t see any more they are caught in their habits and their material security, that is the little death.

Modern society has created this little death so that it can sleep in peace, be in control and exert power by offering compensating elements such as drugs, alcohol, media, violence, work, excessive consumption, judgement, criticism, fantasies.

To give back life to this child the adult must first of all take care of himself because he is the only person who can help. The adult is the only intermediary between his inner child and the exterior world. He will transform this little death once he opens his heart by expressing his feelings, once he frees himself from his conditionings and his fears and once he rediscovers his innocence, his spontaneousness, his vulnerabillity and the unconditional love of the child. This requires an enormous amount of courage but the child is really in an urgent need of all this if it is to grow and find its adult. It is with serenity, pleasure, joy and liberty that both of them together can go through this difficult time. This path is called the spiritual path.

This year’s new training is called: THE PATH OF LIBERTY or “the courage to be oneself”