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Newspapers and television programmes inform us every day about revolutions and political changes in suppressed countries such as in the Far and Middle East. These countries have been dominated by foreign nations and dictators for several centuries. Maybe this was necessary, but now the people in these countries don’t want to be dominated any more, they want to be free. They grow and like adolescents they want to be grown-up and become adults.

If they manage not to replace the political domination by another domination, for example a religious one, that will be the real success of their battle. They have to enter into an unconfessional democracy and their religious beliefs have to be individual even if they share the same ceremonies. This individual religion is called


Every human being is the temple of his own belief. Once we have discovered this truth, whether we are religious or not, we can no longer compare our belief to the external world. We will be free to believe, to practise, to pray, to meditate four ourselves, that is the true and only RELIGIOUS FREEDOM.

Man is the freest living race on earth. Free to be autonomous or dependent, free to create or to destroy, free to live or to die, free to grow or to vegetate, free to be a tool or a weapon.

When a child is born it becomes autonomous, that is its first freedom. Later, when it has learnt to think in the abstract, it will imagine all the possibilities there are and it will choose. As an adult he or she will have the possibility to choose whether to use or not to use all the knowledge he or she has acquired

Freedom is inseparable from responsibility and consciousness. In order to be free we will not allow anybody to dominate us. We will be able to say yes or no as we feel it is appropriate. Freedom must come from the inside. It takes a lot of courage to really be oneself, it is much easier to let oneself be mothered like a child.

As you are infantile you stop any development and shut yourself off. As you decide to be yourself you start living your full freedom.