Every human being (the I, the self) is a house with a unique individuality. Its inhabitant must be in harmony with it, being in its interior and above all in its centre with all of his or her power and totality, while being conscious of the exterior. I am well in the interior, I am well with myself. My space is the way I want it, I decorate and furnish it according to my means, my wishes and my needs. The border between my interior being and my body is the inside of the wall (consciousness).

I have to please nobody, only myself. I may look at the outside world, at the others, through the windows which correspond to my eyes. I may also communicate via the door which is to say via my mouth, my voice, my arms, my hands. I may share with the walls, i. e. my physical body. My walls have been built (building material) by my consciousness, my knowledge, my conditionings, my suppressed emotions and my deprivation which I will fill in from the inside by means of my consciousness. I may also move around using my roots, but I always stay in the base, the foundations, which are equivalent to my legs and feet.

I do all that without leaving my house. But from time to time I may also share with another house by inviting it (receptiveness) into a space reserved for friends, the heart; and I may also get invited into the heart of someone else. I may offer all I am (solar plexus) but I must not separate myself from my house. If I always stay inside of it I don’t need to fear anything, I don’t need to close the doors or the shutters or to install safety locks; nobody can invade my home. Not to accept someone is like shutting one’s doors and shutters, it means you will not be able to meet him in the reception room, your heart.

If you are outside of your house all those games of power, survival, evaluation nourished by the ego, the mind and the unconsciousness (the exterior walls of your house) will take place.

And I don’t need to say YES when I think NO because I don’t need anyone. I have arrived on earth for myself, not for others, but together with those who are around my house, in the garden, in the surroundings.