This key is essential for the relationships with others. Education and society are mainly oriented towards the exterior. This creates many problems as other people are becoming more important than yourself. We are not in direct contact to other people but through an intermediary called Existence (or God). Everything we offer goes to Existence. Everything we receive comes from Existence.


By fully using this key we become completely free and independent. If, on the other hand, we ignore Existence we enter into power over others and into attachment to others. I offer to Existence and I receive from Existence. Every human being represents Existence. Offering something to Existence is to offer something to every human being.

If we offer our being and our presence to Existence we will never be able to exert power over Existence, that’s impossible. And Existence will never exert power over us. We simply offer it all we are and it will offer us all we need.

The suffering of others awakens our deepest wounds (resonance) – the other person being the revealer, but he or she only reveals the message of Existence. Existence has come to show you your wounds. If you suffer look at your suffering very carefully, but don’t forget that the other person is but the representative of Existence. That will take you back to yourself, to your interior. You will become aware of your emotions and conditionings so that you can heal yourself.