My vision of the bridges is essential for the survival of a couple’s relationship. A couple consists of two people sharing a space that I call a bridge. Each person is a pillar of this bridge.


In this example there are three people: A / B / C

A and B, B and C, A and C can share and meet each other on their joint bridges.

If they respect this, there will never be any problems between them.

But if A and B have a problem with each other it is not for C to walk onto their bridge and try to solve their problem. If C does, however, this will weaken the bridge A/B. This interference will be used by A and B to hold C responsible. C will therefore not only destroy the bridge A/B but also the bridges B/C and A/C. C will destroy all three bridges.

What C should do instead is help A and B individually by using his own bridges with them.

The “existence” key is perfectly suited to avoid destructing the bridges: receive existence and offer to existence.

See Existence