The child we once were was a pure being – simple, innocent and open to life. A child has requirements which need to be fulfilled. An unsatisfied, suppressed requirement will turn into frustration, rejection, abandonment, a feeling of being left alone, a shortcoming.

In order to make the adults meet its needs, the child will use its only strength: manipulation. That will make it dependent on its environment.

The conditionings imposed by the adults have created fears and blocks in the child, they have caused it to close its heart towards life. As an adult, this person will continue using the old habits, beliefs and conditionings as a basis on which to build his or her further life.

A mature adult person will not need to continue to manipulate as he or she will have the potential to satisfy their own needs, completely by themselves. If this potential is not used the adult will continue to manipulate and be dependent on others for the fulfilment of their needs. This adult will stay childlike an immature.

Manipulative behaviour:

Presents, Illness, Hypocrisy, Anger, Lies, Seduction, Violence, Politeness, Money and status, Blackmail, Jealousy, Threat

Keys for the prevention of manipulation:

For the manipulated person:
Avoid making compromises.
Get into contact and use your inner strength.
Accept the manipulator, love him/her.
Do not react to manipulation by counter-manipulating.
Play with the manipulation.
Allow your free will to express itself.
Open your heart.
Walk the way of the heart: receive, acknowledge, accept, transform.
Allow yourself to say yes and no.
Be aware of what the manipulator offers and of his receptiveness.
Be centred and present when listening.
Be aware of your own self, use meditation and therapeutic methods to become aware.

For the manipulator:
Express your needs clearly and directly and without expectations.
Accept the rejection of your manipulation.
Allow you inner child to express itself.
Respect yourself and others.
Be aware of what you offer and of your receptiveness.
Be centred and present when listening / communicating.
Be aware of your own self, use meditation and therapeutic methods to become aware.

Laws of manipulation:

Manipulation is the loss of power over oneself and seizure of power over others.
The manipulator is manipulable.
The manipulator is always right.
If the manipulator manipulates subconsciously he will manipulate himself because he is not conscious of what he is doing.
The mind and the ego: two destructive enemies and manipulating saboteurs who have been created through conditioning. They destroy others and the own self without using force or violence.
The manipulator is inconsiderate of self-respect and respect for others.
Self-manipulation – the mind manipulates the self: Consciousness says white and the mind says black, the heart says yes and the mind says no.