A conditioning is a belief which has been conveyed to the child and which it believes to be the truth. As an adult, a conditioned person will follow this belief without using his or her conscious mind.

Children accept adults as a point of reference which epitomizes the truth. That is why children blindly imitate adults, out of trust, respect and adoration and because they only have this one point of reference – and above all out of love, because they are completely open and vulnerable.

Adults condition others in order to maintain the beliefs they have received from their own parents, thinking that that is the only truth. Or, in rejection to their parents, they do the opposite to what hurt them during their childhood.

As an adult, we must free ourselves from our conditionings so that we can find our own values, our independence and our freedom. This does not mean to reject the things we received during our childhood, but to integrate them in order to be able to make our own choices by means of our consciousness, our reflection and assessment. That is what I call becoming aware. What it means is: I keep everything that suits me and I let go of everything that does not suit me – in keeping with my own interest, neither for others nor against them.