Love is a state of being, a natural life energy that nourishes the soul of the human being by means of his or her emotional relationship with others. This nourishment is vitally important for our physical body.

Love means receptivity. The whole of the human being is love, but we don’t always offer it. To offer love means to be compassionate. In order for love to be able to fulfil its mission through us we need to be open, receptive and vulnerable like a child.

Love unfolds itself on the heart level. When we say “I love you” with our heart the feeling of love will occur suddenly and without control. We will find ourselves to be in a space of profound well-being where the tears of happiness and joy may flow. Many people say “I love you” because they want the other person to believe it. They are not capable of entering into this emotional state because they don’t receive the other person. They are in a mental emotion.

Love is life. If there is no love inside a human being that will be a little death.