Deprivation refers to an unsatisfied need or requirement. The most important requirements a child has are love, which means being received, care and recognition.

As children we have a natural need to grow, which is why we increase our potential by means of elements from the outside: education, culture, legacy, experience etc. It is the duty of our society to give us all we need so that we can successfully complete our way to becoming an adult. If we are deprived of something we will always be in want of this. This want will prevent us from becoming adult at the age of 21.

As an immature adult we will then try to compensate our deprivation by trying to manipulate. We will start using others as compensators, expecting them to fulfil our needs. There are many compensators such as a child, the husband or the wife, the boss, friends or material things like work, play, food, tobacco, alcohol etc.

By trying to manipulate in order to have our deprivation compensated we turn into a little girl or a little boy, i. e. we submit ourselves and become victims, or we turn into dad or mum which means we start dominating and constraining others. In case the immature adult decides to fulfil his needs by himself he or she will turn independent and rebellious.

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