The aura is an energy which encompasses the physical body, a magnetic field coming from the centre of the body and radiating several metres.

The quality and the intensity of this energy relate to the first four bodies:

  • The physical body (the flesh, space and time, i. e. the here-now)
  • The mental body (emotions, consciousness)
  • The astral body (former lives, legacy)
  • The soul body (intuition, spirituality)

The colour of the aura has two different aspects:
1)   The functional colour which depends on our physical body in the here-now (health and emotions)
2)   The original colour which depends on the individual essence of each human being (former lives, overall energy)

The aura is connected to the energy centres which transport our vital energy from the inside to the outside and vice versa.

By examining the different aspects of the aura (shape, colour, intensity, radiance, dots, marks, holes, flames) it is possible to detect physical, psychic and energetic malfunctions of our body.