We are social beings (MAN and WOMAN) and we have various different roles between which we move to and fro.

An example: A MAN and a WOMAN have fallen in love. When they meet each other they both play the role of the lover. If they decide to marry they take over the roles of husband and wife. When they have children they become father and mother. So in their life as a couple they step into different roles which change depending on time, occurrence and requirements. The important thing is not to mix up these roles.

Ideally, a WOMAN fully accomplishes her different roles as a lover, wife, mother, partner, employee etc. However, if this woman has suffered deprivation during her childhood she will be immature, she will be an ‘unaccomplished’ woman. She will then act as a little girl and all her roles will be affected by the energy of the little girl. In her partnership she will not be looking for the grown-up MAN but for the father or the little boy. Likewise, a man behaving like a little boy will be looking for complementation in the mother but never in the grown-up WOMAN. This way the two may become brother and sister or boyfriend and girlfriend, even in their sexuality.

An adult pretending to be afraid of the mature MAN or the mature WOMAN is always caught in the role as a little boy or a little girl. A mature MAN and a mature WOMAN will always be looking to share with another mature WOMAN or MAN.

The bigger the deprivation during childhood has been, the bigger the tendency to communicate as a little boy or a little girl or as father and mother. The bigger the maturity of a MAN or a WOMAN, the more will they be able to fully accomplish their different roles.

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