A judgement is a negative or positive gift which can be offered consciously or unconsciously. It is not right to judge the judging person, instead we should use the path of love: receive, recognize, accept, transform.

If a judgement hurts us it means that it causes some kind of resonance inside. This resonance reveals a truth that belongs to us.

Let’s take the example “You are beautiful”. If we are touched by this remark, our ego either refuses to accept it or it utilizes it to manipulate and exert power over others. If we simply accepted it, it wouldn’t touch us.

Listening to the resonance:

If there weren’t any bells inside of us, there would be no sound, no noise, no resonance. That would be transparency.

To accept the judgement of others signifies wisdom which helps us grow. It brings us back to ourselves. If we accept this wisdom we can work with it to grow. We cannot work on something we don’t recognize.

Judgement is a projection of our own resonance. Projection is the reflection of our problems.

The advice and judgements of other people are a gift from existence to make us develop a vision and take a choice. The choice and the decision belong exclusively to us. If we make a mistake on the basis of our own choice, our own decision, then that is our own mistake. If, however, we make a mistake based on the advice or the judgement of someone else, then our ego does not consider it to be our own mistake, but the mistake of the other person or the outside. We cannot use this mistake to transform ourselves. We can only work on, rectify, progress, understand and free ourselves from those mistakes for which we accept responsibility. We cannot work on the mistake of another person or the outside.