The mind is an energy which materializes in the brain. The centre of the mind is located directly behind the first cervical vertebra, near the cerebellum.

The conscious mind stands for the cerebral and intellectual comprehension, for knowledge, experience, for everything acquired, in other words for everything that nourishes our consciousness.

The unconscious mind uses the thoughts of the brain to make us forget the present moment and to prevent us from going inside, from getting nearer to our centre. The unconscious mind is in the past or the future.

Conscious mind = awareness
Unconscious mind = conditioning

The mind is always in motion. It is shrewd and intelligent. It can be strong to a greater or lesser extent and it can be reinforced by the ego. I call the alliance between the mind and the ego THE RAT.

The ego is the power over others and against us. It is the voice that says NO to our consciousness. It has two dimensions: the inferior ego and the superior ego.

The inferior ego does not take any risks, it blocks and inhibits evolution, it is never mistaken, it is perfect, it sees the mistakes and faults of the others.

The superior ego dominates; it wants to have power over the others and acts in a way in which it will be recognized by others – be it in a positive or negative manner. It thinks it is better, more beautiful, the only one, the unique and always right. It even thinks it is the only one who is right because it knows, it is acquainted with and nobody can prove the opposite because they are inferior.

The positive side of this energy I call PRIDE. Pride is self-respect and means that I do things for myself, for my inner being, for my development in the outside.

As a child I was hemiplegic. I remember saying to myself: “I will walk.” I only had one leg that functioned. I walked on one leg and I ran on one leg. I did it for myself, for my pride. If, however, I said today: “Look, thanks to my strong will I was cured”, that would be the superior ego trying to give itself some value and to get recognition from others.

Recognition is something a child needs. If an adult still needs recognition and if he or she manipulates others by being serviceable and polite in order to be recognized by others then he or she is nourishing the ego. The ego then has gained power of the pride.

Only a child can use its ego to allow pride to install itself (competition, kindness, politeness). This can even become a tool or a weapon for it to survive, but it has to disconnect itself from it step by step so that it can grow and discover the tools and weapons of the adults. At the age of 21 a young adult should be without ego.

The favourite word of the mind is ‘why’. The WHY is also a means of progressing, searching, understanding, knowing and analyzing in the interest of human evolution and one’s self-determination if it is used to nourish our consciousness.

I would advise to listen, receive and recognize and the question will transform itself into the answer. The majority of the people ask a question without listening to the answer or without letting the other person finish the sentence and they will ask other questions that are already in their mind.

The mind and the ego are always looking for answers which they can use to gain power over the outside. They are not willing to listen to the answers that might lead to consciousness. That is why they continually sabotage the comprehension of what they hear by asking a new question: “Why?” The conscious answer is always the same as the question without the WHY. Example: “Why am I living on this planet?” If you take away the WHY you will have the answer: “I am living on this planet.”