Consciousness is everything in connection with oneself, with one’s inner being, with the universal truth and the divine. Man’s task on earth is to be consciously in the here-and-now as much as possible to create a universal consciousness. If we plan here and now what we are going to do next week then that is the conscious mind. We can plan our future here and now.

The human being has two dimensions: the mortal and the immortal dimension. The mortal dimension expresses itself through a human being to make him or her conscious of the fact that he or she is the creator of the evolution of divine energy. The immortal dimension expresses itself through a human being to make him or her conscious of the fact that it is the divine energy which creates human evolution (manner/method, space-time/here-and-now).

In order to differentiate us from other creatures existence has given us two kinds of consciousness: the free will and self-determination, which is to say the free will of self-determination and self-determination of the free will. The free will is the freedom to create and develop individually and consciously in the here-and-now to accomplish the divine. The divine is infinite and it already exists as it is our source.

God creates man and man creates God.
Consciousness is the accomplishment of the inner being.
The inner space is the meditative being, the original authenticity.
The centre is inside and the divine is in the infinity of the centre.

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There are several levels of consciousness. Each level has its own value and corresponds with each person’s own intellectual and spiritual level of comprehension. Each level of consciousness communicates in its own way and can only be understood by the identical level of consciousness.

An example: Osho was an intellectual genius. Due to the fact that he was aware of all his different levels of consciousness he was capable of communicating from all these different levels. But what he said could only be understood by each of his listener’s own individual level of consciousness.

The Different Levels of Consciousness

1. The physical consciousness
The consciousness of the physical and ethereal body, the senses, respiration, physical movement, blood circulation, heartbeat, sexuality etc.

2. The mental consciousness
The consciousness of the mental body, mental capabilities, knowledge, intellect, understanding, culture, analysis, emotions, conditionings etc.

3. The astral consciousness
The consciousness of the astral body, the invisible world of the spirit, dreams, out-of-body experiences, extra-sensorial experiences, inspiration, strokes of genius, clairvoyance, seeking etc.

4. The consciousness of the soul
The consciousness of the soul body, former lives, connection with the soul, connection with spiritual leaders, immortality etc. (the self-realized being)

5. The divine consciousness
The consciousness of the spiritual and divine bodies, planetary and interplanetary parallel and collective worlds, the universe, infinity, the infinitely big and the infinitely small, the one and the whole etc. (the illuminated being)

Example «Being out in nature»:
1. The physical consciousness: I am in nature with my instinct.
2. The mental consciousness: I see nature and call everything I see by its name.
3. The astral consciousness: I sense the spirit and the energy of nature.
4. The consciousness of the soul: I identify myself with nature. I am nature.
5. The divine consciousness: I dissolve into nature, I surrender to nature. I am existence.