Parents do not like the mistakes of their children when there is attachment between them. This attachment becomes a system of power because the parents identify themselves with the behaviour, the qualities and the mistakes of their children. For them their children are the continuation of themselves which suppresses the individuality of the child. The parental ego is so strong that the parents want their children to be perfect so that they can believe they are exceptionally good parents without any imperfections.

If the parents are detached from their children they know that a child makes ITS OWN mistakes and that these mistakes do not belong to them (the parents). The parents are of course responsible for the actions of their underage children, whether they are positive or negative, but these actions are not the parents’ actions, they do not belong to the parents.

It is important to understand the difference between an attachment and a connection.

An attachment is like a prison, a weld, a conditional relationship. A connection means liberty, an unconditional relationship.

An attachment creates dependence and power over others. An attachment does not mean love, love means liberty.

A connection creates a relationship between two people without there being an attachment. A connection creates love and independence.