Work is an expression of the person I am, of my individuality, my energy and my sharing with others through existence. I offer my energy to existence which uses it in one way or another.

Work is necessary for living because it gives energy to existence and facilitates alchemy. Existence transforms the energy into love. I receive because existence offers. Work is part of my responsibility as a human being. It is my contract with existence.

“To act is to work, to act is to love.” (Victor Hugo)

It is mainly the money that gives work its value. But money must not be considered an instrument of power, but as a means with which to fulfil ones requirements and wishes. Money which is used as an instrument of power will valorize the ego and destroy the work performance. If it is considered just as pay for work it will diminish the value of the work. It is the masterpiece that receives its value through money, not work.

I work. I create. 3 phases:
Action – creation – receive
Offering – existence – receive

Work is a masculine energy once it is transformed into money. Masculine energy offers and nourishes. By acting and working you offer your energy and you nourish work. When it is nourished it turns into a feminine energy. When work is turned into money it is a masculine energy. Money is masculine and when you receive it your energy is feminine.

Work is masculine energy und earned money is feminine energy. Spending money is masculine energy and the purchased things (be it benefits in kind or services provided) are feminine energies. Used purchases are masculine energy.

This is just meant to point out that everything consists of masculine and feminine energies. The most important energy, however, is the masculine energy because it nourishes the female elements and because it creates. I believe this to be the reason why our ancestors stated that the first energy on earth was “Adam”, hence masculine.

It is the masculine energy that initializes action; thereafter this energy may be used for the non-doing, for silence and inwardness. Which is to say that it nourishes the feminine energy.