Healing is the transformation of illness and suffering, but above all it means becoming aware of one’s own truth and authenticity. For that we must receive, acknowledge and accept our injuries, our sufferings and our conditionings, i. e. everything that makes us ill and alienates us from our own inner being.

Healing comes from within. It can emanate from a cell of our organism and spread to all other cells. A human being who is aware of his or her deepest inner self will liberate each and every cell which has made him or her ill. To heal oneself means to simply get rid of everything that does not belong to us and which prevents us from expressing our essence. It is not necessary to blame the exterior world, the others, the parents… Everything lies hidden in ourselves and we can look at it and express it because it now belongs to us. Even if the person who caused it is outside.

Every individual healing brings healing and transformation to the environment. Healing creates love and peace.

Healing and authenticity are inseparable.

Healing means to become aware of your own inner being and its individuality. Healing is a spiritual state of being.

Healing is a natural and spiritual art which you offer to yourself. Every human being has a mission with their creator and existence and with healing themselves in order to live a dignified life. It is an individual responsibility and a sign of self-respect to heal oneself. Healing oneself does not mean to ignore or reject the help of others but without one’s own dimension and one’s own will of healing, the others will not have much power.

Healing is obtained thanks to the connection between existence and yourself.

Success in healing comes from a conscious state of mind which is separated from the mind and the ego.

To heal means to completely abandon oneself to existence, to unconditionally accept the situations affecting one’s life.

If an ill person fully accepts his or her illness, that’s already healing. The path of the heart is the path of healing by means of transformation. Healing is a spiritual act towards oneself. One can be healed even if one is struck with illness. Healing means to simply be spiritual.

“If you try to do something on your own, separated from the whole, that is failure. Success is in God and with God.” (Osho)

“Failure equals you without God.” (Kabir)

“Non-healing equals you without God.” (Manish)