A healer is not just someone who knows and uses a healing technique to heal others but it is above all someone who has gone the path of encounter with his inner being in order to find his own healing. If you want to be a healer for others you must follow the path of self-healing.

Our own healing allows us to lead our daily life in a state of presence, listening, receptivity, authenticity and love. Once we are healed we are open and receptive to others so that we can receive them in our hearts and accompany them in their work on themselves to achieve their own healing.

Being an authentic healer is a natural state of a human being giving themselves the right to be connected to existence. We are all healers, it’s a human quality.

If you are working in health care or wish to do so in future you should follow the path of authentic healing so that you can be present in yourself; you will become the healer of your own life. Thus, you will perhaps start healing others simply by your presence and your new way of being.

We are all healers and all healable. Thanks to our authentic state of being our environment will benefit from our well-being. Our quality of life will attract their consciousness. It is not necessary to be professional in order to be an authentic healer. Being a healer is above all a natural state of presence, receptivity and love. An authentic healer offers what he or she is, he cannot offer anything else.

To help other people does not necessarily mean to act and do something for them, but it means to be present with oneself. Our new way of being and our new quality of life turns into a mirror that will attract the attention of the other person’s inner child. The authentic healer will create a perfume which will bring healing to the other person by way of love.

A healer is not someone who heals, but someone who promotes healing.

Sometimes it is necessary to act quickly and apply reliable means in order to block a disease, but after that it is indispensable to find out why the disease started to develop. Medication and surgery are excellent therapies if they are applied correctly, but emotional expression is necessary to allow for better healing.

If the disease is already well advanced, emotional expression will allow the patient to suffer less if he or she accepts the disease with all its consequences. This act of consciousness will enable him to live in greater dignity.

Many serious illnesses are created by the urge to control and by resistances against life. Letting go is a necessary element for healing.

The psychological state of being is as important as the physical state. In order to promote healing, the healer enables the sick person to become conscious of himself and to discover the system hidden behind the illness.