Look at the child inside and you will help the man to become a man and the woman to become a woman. If you reject the adult person you also reject the child. Man is not fundamentally bad; he simply suffers. The suffering is the source of all his conflicts. Look at the suffering, accept it and it will transform itself.

I have created this website to offer you and share with you my vision of life and of physical, energetic and spiritual healing. I am aware that this vision is different from that of other schools (visionaries, philosophers, therapists, masters). Yet my approach neither contradicts nor opposes other approaches, it is simply complementary. It stems from my discoveries and my autodidactic knowledge. Everybody has their own truth, their own understanding of the way things are and I can only offer my own findings.

I offer to you what I am, the findings from my work as a therapist since 1981, my wealth of experience and examples of healings which I have witnessed myself.

Every one of us can discover their own truth and choose the training or therapy which best nourishes their own sensitivity and inner beliefs.

I offer all my love to you.

Dhyan Manish