Energetic Breathing® is a simple and natural technique. It can even be practised by a child. This technique uses deep and conscious diaphragmatic breathing with which it is possible to rediscover one’s original and authentic being.

Energetic Breathing® is a natural process for becoming aware of one’s suppressed emotions and allowing them to express themselves so that our being can be liberated.

Breathing techniques are indispensable for wanting to rediscover one’s original self. Energetic Breathing®, however, is the most efficient, exact and the strongest technique because it directly touches the problems and goes straight to the core.

Energetic Breathing® has an effect on all bodies and possesses various qualities and functions:

  1. Psychologically: clean suppressed emotions by expressing them
  2. Physically: regain health and metabolic balance through demethylation
  3. Spiritually: discover meditation by means of deep relaxation
  4. Existentially: discover a dimension that goes beyond the boundaries of the mind by means of greater consciousness

1. Psychologically: Emotional expression is as important as the senses. Emotions are: laughing, crying, anger, well-being, pleasure, suffering, joy, sadness, fear… There are no good or bad emotions. There are just emotions and they are an integral part of being human.

From birth, a child naturally expresses its emotions, even a fetus does so. Unexpressed emotions will create physical and psychological disturbances in the body and cause injuries. These injuries will create physical and psychological illnesses.

The Energetic Breathing® technique helps liberate yourself from these emotions and regain your emotional energy.

For example: If a computer is affected by a virus or a Trojan horse you will have to clean it so that it can function in its original manner. For our body to be able to function we must clean our mind and our psyche from all the infections and traumas encountered during our lives.

There is no healing without emotional expression.

2. Physically: A physical shock, stress, fear or suppressed emotions may provoke a chemical phenomenon called methylation. The methyl groups created during this process block the transfer of genes on the DNA. Marked by methyl molecules (CH3), these genes are no long able to transfer themselves on the DNA which will cause problems because the affected genes are often the ones that carry the stress regulators. Luckily, this blockage can be reverted by Energetic Breathing®.

Energetic Breathing® causes the marking of the methyl groups on the DNA to disappear so that the genes can express themselves again. Consequently, the cells can re-find their activities, the physical body can heal and the illnesses and symptoms can disappear.

3. Spiritually: Modern society is so obsessed with the exterior world that we have been conditioned from our very childhood by the exterior (by what we think about the others and what they think about us etc.). This is not part of human nature. Man has been created to dwell in his centre, his interior.

Energetic Breathing® allows us to discover our inner being by means of deep and soft breathing which enables us to relax and discover the space of relaxation as well as the state of meditation. This meditative state is immensely beneficial for the physical body.

4. Existentially: Energetic Breathing® allows us – once we have freed ourselves from the physical and mental obstacles – to discover the world beyond the mind and the ego. Liberated of all information and conditionings, we may use this space of intuition to create and invent a new world – a world that has never been explored by our rational mind. This world is called the astral world.

Imagine all the people… John Lennon