The healer meets his client and asks him to sit down on the floor opposite him, inviting him to speak about the reason for his visit and give a detailed description of the problems of which he is hoping to free himself.

Following this exchange the healer will ask his client to lie down on a mattress with his eyes closed, placing a cushion under his shoulders.

The healer will sit to the left of the client and ask him to continually breathe through his mouth deep into his breast. This will lead to hyperventilation and consequently to a state of oxygen oversaturation. Accompanied by the meditative presence of the healer the energy will spread all over the client’s body. After a while, the blockages, traumata, emotions and fears that have been suppressed in his body will start to emerge.

This expression of emotions may vary considerably and cause different reactions within the body (laughter, pain, crying, well-being, joy, shouting, anger…), depending on whether the client tries to control his mind or whether he lets go.

The healer will accompany his client in this process of emotional expression, but he will not direct, control or suppress him in any way. The emotions must be allowed to emerge totally and freely. The more intensely the client expresses his emotions, the more ample his breathing will become and the more he will begin to feel liberated. He will more and more start to feel a state of inner harmony and unity with his own inner being, in deep inner peace, in a space where his problems may transform themselves.

When the expression of emotions draws to an end the client may lie on his side, quiet, silent, relaxed. The healer will continue to be with him, attentive, open, recipient, affectionate, allowing him to touch a state of well-being.

At the end of the session it is necessary to carry out a detachment ritual. This will be done as follows: The healer will ask the client to breathe in while he himself breathes out and to exhale while he inhales. This will be done two or three times, accompanied by a sweeping movement of the hand over the body of the client.

Finally there will be an oral exchange between the healer and his client. They will sit opposite one another, each giving their summary of what the client has experienced and what the healer has sensed. Before they part a hug is indispensable.

An Energetic Breathing® session will last at least one hour.