The Path of the Heart: receiving – recognizing – accepting – transforming

The Path of the Heart is an important key for the evolution of mankind. This key is a skeleton key because it opens all the doors. It is a therapeutic process for entering into the world of consciousness. It is also the continuation of the Path of the Warrior in case the transformation could not be fully accomplished in that process.

All the stages of the Path of the Heart must be understood with one’s consciousness, not with the mind. The comprehension must take place in the inside, not the outside.

The Path of the Heart has four dimensions:

The first dimension: RECEPTIVENESS
To begin this process it is important to receive, to be open and to relive the problem which is to be solved.

The second stage: RECOGNITION
Thereafter the problem must be looked at, analyzed and understood in order to become more conscious.

The third stage: ACCEPTANCE
Here it is important to say YES to existence and to accept that the problem is a gift.

The fourth stage: TRANSFORMATION
Finally the process is allowed to unfold. The change towards unconditional love will happen naturally.

If the injuries cannot be transformed during the process of the Path of the Warrior they will remain present. Even if they are not as painful any more as they were, they must be transformed in order to be able to change one’s behaviour towards oneself and others.

The following example of a delivery man delivering a parcel may help to better understand the Path of the Heart.

  • If you leave the parcel outside you will never see it. Open the door, welcome the parcel, take it. That is receptiveness.
  •  If you don‘t unpack the parcel you will never know what is in it. Open the parcel and look at what is inside. Look at the object, identify and analyze it. That is recognition.
  • If you leave the object inside the parcel it will be of no use. Give it a place, a function. That is acceptance.
  • This object will change your house, your behaviour. That is transformation.